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Whether you are buying your next $600k home or selling your $8MM house, we can make it SOO easy that before you realized it, everything is already done for you.


Just want to rent? Let's chat and we can go over a ton of options for you with our database of landlords and we can even help you find the perfect roommate(s).


Looking to invest your money and get a good return? We work with multi-million dollar portfolios across Canada. Let us do the work for you, so you don't have to.

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Newcomer? No credit score? 
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Not only can we help you address those. Better yet, we can even help you pair up with other roommates to make your rent more affordable.
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It's all about the noi and the cap, right?

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Toronto has become a hot bed for investors in Canada, we keep an eye on a lot of pre-construction projects, apartment buildings, multi-plexes.
We just love real estate that way, and whatever you need, we will turn every stone to find you a deal. 
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About Us

At Flat Central, we know your time is valuable, so our mission is to take the hassle out of real estate hunting, minimize your paperwork, help you move and make the whole process FUN again.

Real estate is our passion, and we want to change how real estate is done, one property and one client at a time.  Need something real estate related at 2 am or 9 pm?  We are available any time of the day for you.

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We’ve helped our clients with numerous real estate transactions from commercial to luxury properties to rentals. Tell us what you need done, and our job is to make it happen for you.

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It was a great experience working with Cliff from FlatCentral buying my home. Cliff quickly understood my needs and came up with a complete list to visit and compare. He compiled comprehensive information of every detail and answered every possible questions I have with professionalism. He made the process fast, smooth and truely worry-free. Thanks Cliff!
Mr. Chen
Purchased a 10 acre farm in Kawartha Lakes
FlatCentral team, especially Cliff, is very helpful. He is very patient, very informative, and very knowledgable. He treated me like a family member. Always there with helpful information and for help. I would highly recommend FlatCentral and Cliff. I am glad that I chose FlatCentral.
Dr. M. Ghaleb
Ryerson University Researching Professor
Cliff is very efficient and helpful not only understanding our needs but also solving our problems within a week. It is definitely not an easy thing to settle down a new-coming family with little kid in downtown Toronto who don’t have any credits in Canada. Without Cliff, I cannot start my new life and work so smoothly. FlatCentral and Cliff will offer comprehensive information matching your budget and expectation, and providing insurance consultant and nice contract as well. I, myself would recommend Cliff without doubt surely.
Dr. Yang
Research Fellow at Toronto Western Hospital
FlatCentral is the superior company in the real estate market in Toronto as it offers to find accommodation which will match with your budget and expectation. Also, it provides information support for clients about insurance, contract, and all other necessary documents.
Vitalii F.
Centennial College Student
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